What We Offer

Country Kids Schoolhouse offers a rich, stimulating and fun environment for children. Whether enrolled in pre-school, daycare or before/after-school care, we provide activities for your child that will promote curiosity, foster learning and keep your son or daughter engaged. Our nutritious home-cooked meals, multiple learning centers and daily Spanish lessons are part of a wholesome, multicultural atmosphere that encourages inclusiveness, friendship and sharing. (See “Your Child’s Day” for a more detailed description of the activities your child will be involved in.)

Knowing how demanding life can be for busy parents, Country Kids Schoolhouse offers flexible scheduling and is open to children from 2 to 12 years of age.
Our drop off hours are roughly 7am and 9am while our pick up times are 3pm, 5pm and 6pm. We try our best to meet your needs.

Your Child’s Day

Breakfast - Our morning begins with a healthy breakfast, eaten family style. This is a good time to talk about some of the fun activities we’ll be doing, and the exciting day of learning and discovery that lies ahead.

Music & Movement - After breakfast it’s time to get active with Music & Movement. Music & Movement lessons stimulate and enhance physical development and promote creative expression.

Circle Time - We begin “Circle Time” by graphing the weather and marking the calendar. The children are then introduced to the monthly theme. We sing songs, do finger plays and read stories related to our theme. These activities help children develop their listening, math and pre-reading skills, give them practice taking turns, and enhance self-esteem.

After “Circle Time” the children are free to explore the following Learning Centers:
  • Blocks - In the “Block Center” children build to their heart’s content, letting their imaginations soar while learning math concepts and different shapes and sizes.

  • Dramatic Play - The “Dramatic Play Center” has been set up so children have the freedom to pretend and role play. These activities help them learn new vocabulary, abstract thinking and develop problem-solving skills.

  • Math Center - At the “Math Center,” children sort, group, pattern and classify.  Their natural ability to explore and problem solve is nurtured as they acquire new math skills.

  • Art - The “Art Center” offers children the opportunity to engage in art experiences that help them express their feelings. Self expression is the main goal here. 

  • Library - When children look at books and listen to stories, they learn that books are important and enjoyable. 

  • Discovery - In the “Discovery Center,” children learn important science concepts as they explore the materials and living things we set out for them.

  • Cooking - When a child participates in cooking projects, he or she learns about nutrition, tastes, and food groups. Their vocabulary improves as they are taught cooking-related words such as ingredients, flour, combine, knead, roll, etc. They learn about whole-part relationships and the concepts of volume and measure.

  • Outdoor Play - During outdoor play children work on their gross motor skills by running, jumping, climbing, etc. Given a variety of age-appropriate activities and equipment, this is a good way for kids to develop coordination, balance and other sports-related abilities.

By now the children have had a fun day of discovering and learning and are eager to sit down to share a delicious meal.

Lunch - The children enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal served family style. Encouraging good table manners and conversational skills are a major component of our meal program.

Learning Centers - Children re-visit their favorite learning centers. This is a time when they will start to wind down and will usually choose a quiet activity such as reading a book together with a friend.

Story time - After learning centers and right before naptime we come together to enjoy a story.  Story time helps children develop their listening, knowledge, vocabulary and pre-reading skills.

Naptime/Quiet time - Naptime for those children requiring one, or quiet time perusing a book.

Snack - A wholesome treat to tide the children over until dinner.

At 3 p.m. some children go home; others arrive for the after-school care we provide in a relaxed, inviting, activity-rich environment.

After-School Care - There’s plenty to do at Country Kids Schoolhouse for children who are done with classes for the day. We fortify these students with a healthy snack, then help them with their homework and offer them a wide range of activities, including story time, music & dance, arts & crafts, cooking lessons, and more. If your child wants to spend time outdoors, we have more than an acre of land where children can garden, play soccer, enjoy the sandbox, or explore the footpath that meanders through our wooded area. It’s our goal to keep this time laid-back and stress-free, yet educational and fun.

Country Kids Schoolhouse: A great place to learn, play & grow!

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