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Thank you for considering Country Kids Schoolhouse for your family's childcare needs. Please click on the link below to add your child to our waitlist.

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Waitlist Policy and FAQ


Thank you for taking the time to get to know Country Kids Schoolhouse. 

Country Kids Schoolhouse currently has a waitlist for all age groups and schedules. We’ve compiled a list of questions below that families often ask, and we hope the information will be helpful to you. We hope your family will have the opportunity to join our CKS community in the not-too-distant future.


To add your child to our waitlist, click the “Waitlist Signup” button and fill out the application. We do not charge a fee to get on our waitlist. We maintain our waitlist through WaitlistPlus, and we recommend applying early. We send emails periodically to families on our waitlist to confirm your interest in CKS. Please confirm your child’s spot to remain on our waitlist. 


To help us keep our waitlist current, we ask you to please remove your child from our waitlist if you are committing to another childcare program.


At what age can my child attend CKS? 

We start enrolling children the year they turn two.  However, the cut-off date is December 1st. 

How many classrooms does CKS have?  

CKS has a total of three classrooms.  Our classrooms are age-specific, with one classroom each for our two-year-olds and three-year-olds and a classroom dedicated to our transitional kindergarteners and four-year-olds. 

How long is the waitlist?

CKS waitlist varies from room to room but is generally longer for our two-year-old classroom. 

The number of applicants frequently changes due to continuous submissions and older applicants rolling over into new-age groups.

How long is the wait time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict how quickly the waitlist will progress, therefore making it impossible to provide specific information on “time,” “place,” or “number” on the waitlist or the probability of being enrolled.

Your position on the waitlist and your wait time are affected by our priority applicants/enrollments, applications that rolled over to new classrooms, classroom openings (age-based), your child’s age, and your application date.

When do you recommend submitting an application for the waitlist?

We recommend applying as early as possible to be placed on our waitlist regardless of when you plan to send your child to school. The majority of our applicants submit their applications once they are expecting.

How will I know if you received my child’s waitlist application?

You will receive an automatic notification from us confirming your waitlist application.  

What do I need to do to remain on the waitlist for future enrollment?

Occasionally you will receive an email from us.  This email will ask you to confirm or remove your child from our waitlist. To remain on our waitlist, you must confirm your child’s spot. Failure to do so will automatically remove your child from our waitlist. 

Can I stop in for a tour of CKS?

For security reasons, we do not allow families to drop in for a tour.  We would love to offer tours to everyone on our waitlist.  However, due to the demand, we cannot do tours unless we know we have a spot to offer your child. 

What is an application date?

This is the date you added your child to the waitlist.

Is preference given to certain families?

CKS offers priority enrollment to the following:

  • CKS families have priority for each annual registration.

  • Siblings of currently enrolled children.

  • Returning families and alumni

How is it possible that someone who applied after I did was offered a space before me?

CKS gives priority enrollment to current student siblings and returning families. Other than that, there may be a few additional reasons a child with a later application date may be offered space before you.

  • The opening CKS has is for a different age group (for example, your child is 15 months, and the opening is for our 26-36 months toddler 2 room)

  • You require part-time care, and the opening is for full-time

  • You require full-time care, and the opening is for part-time

  • You did not confirm you would like to keep your child on our waitlist (see below), and therefore you have been removed from the waitlist

How will I know if my child remains on the waitlist?

CKS sends out emails periodically to those families on our waitlist to be sure the family is still interested in our school.  To be kept on our waitlist, please make sure to confirm your child’s spot on our waitlist.  

Will I receive an update on where I am on the list?

Unfortunately, it isn’t feasible for CKS to contact everyone on the waitlist to tell them where they are on a growing list. You can always contact CKS at to clarify information, should you need it.

Will my child get in faster if I apply for part-time?

While part-time availability is limited, if you are flexible, please let us know. We cannot guarantee that you will be in sooner, but it will offer options.

Is my child guaranteed a spot once they are on the waitlist?

Given the tremendous interest in CKS, being on the waitlist DOES NOT guarantee enrollment in our program, but it certainly increases your chances when an opening becomes available. We, unfortunately, cannot predict an applicant’s chances for admission since our classes have unique needs each year.

Is there a specific time you enroll new families?

Enrollment for new students will begin in the late summer or early fall for the next school year. We will contact families in the order in which their waitlist application was submitted to schedule a tour and begin enrollment.

What happens as my child ages?

As children age, they will automatically roll over to the next classroom that fits their age. The application date will remain the same.

If a spot becomes available in our program, Country Kids looks at the following in this order:

  • Any priority students (siblings)

  • Children eligible for the classroom where there is an opening (proper age)

  • Part-time or full-time needs

  • Application date

What happens if I am not ready to send my child when space is offered to me?

CKS is open to you deferring enrollment, and you can remain on the waitlist with your original application date. However, we cannot reserve space for you in the future and will move on to the next eligible child on the waitlist. We cannot guarantee space will be available at another time.

What happens next?

Since the waitlist updates automatically, there is nothing else to do except wait.

We hope to be in touch soon! 

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