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Play is the primary way young children discover the world. They’re like scientists seeking to uncover the great mysteries of life. Through play, children make hypotheses, test out cause and effect relationships, and apply their knowledge to unfamiliar situations. They observe, act, assess feedback, and repeat. In effect, they make their mark on the small and intimate context that is their world, slowly branching out into new and unexplored territory. Watching a child play for just 10 minutes is enough to help any adult rediscover the simple, fascinating joy that learning is. 

Right now, your child’s brain is growing more rapidly than at any other time of their life. It’s also becoming increasingly sophisticated, making your child capable of assimilating vast amounts of information. They’ve learned to walk and control their bodily impulses, differentiate between colors, sounds, and sights, and possibly speak several different languages. And that’s to say nothing of their emotional intelligence. They learn all the rules and behaviors of their primary culture and display empathy for others. They learn to read, count, do somersaults, and draw pictures that represent their ideas.

All this happens naturally, so imagine how well your child thrives in an environment intentionally designed to nurture their explosive curiosity?


At CKS, we provide a safe learning environment that supports and extends all the questions your child has about the world. Our experienced educators nurture your child’s emotional and cognitive development with fun and inspiring activities and diverse learning materials that stimulate their curiosity and imagination. 


Our classrooms encourage problem-solving, positive social interactions, and the development of genuine friendships. Each intentionally-designed and play-based learning activity is critical for building the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary for your child’s successful transition into kindergarten.

A Day in the CKS Classroom


Imagine walking into an environment every day that was created to help you meet your full potential? That’s exactly what our age-specific classrooms are about. Each day, your child will engage in a variety of fun, theme-based learning activities with their peers, supported by caring educators. 


Together, we start the day with our “Morning Meeting.” We mark the calendar and chart the weather. Then we dive headfirst into our monthly theme, using silly songs, fingerplays, and rich, educative activities. Your child develops listening skills by engaging in turn-taking conversation. They learn patience through sharing and build self-esteem by having their ideas heard and appreciated.

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