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There's something magical about growing your own food.


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children looking at vegetables

There is so much to learn about seeds, plants, and gardening! That’s why our program turns young gardeners into mini-scientists. We teach the children how to identify insects and animals that may be either beneficial or harmful to our garden. The children are also involved in every level of our gardening process, from preparing the soil to planting seeds, transplanting, weeding, fertilizing, and harvesting the crops. 

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child mixing in a mixing bowl

Each spring and summer, CKS plants a large, organic garden.  The children enjoy picking the vegetables they’ve grown, so that we can prepare healthy meals with them together.  We work side-by-side throughout the year to make bread from scratch and churn butter the old fashioned way. Pie is homemade, pizza is crafted in the CKS kitchen from Chris’ recipe, and chicken is slow-roasted with fresh mashed potatoes and gravy.

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young girl cutting broccolli

There are few things children enjoy more than digging in the dirt and making mud pies. They are fascinated by worms and bugs and love to water the garden. We are here to foster their loving and appreciative connection with nature through this outdoor experience.  Nurturing the vegetation teaches children responsibility, enables them to evaluate their hard work, and boosts their self-esteem through accomplishment. 

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