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"Making a positive difference in your child's education"

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Our Mission

The mission of Country Kids Schoolhouse is to provide parents with peace of mind about their child's educational and emotional development. We accomplish this by creating a nurturing and loving environment where learning is fun, hands-on, and memorable.


Our Story

Caring for the children of Bedford Village and surrounding communities since 1996.

Husband and wife team, Larry and Ester Aguzzi, founded Country Kids Schoolhouse (CKS) in 1996 from their longstanding and deep-seated passion for children's education. After raising four of their own, the restaurateurs-turned-educators recognized a unique opportunity to make a difference in their community by providing an incredible, hands-on learning experience in the safe, warm, and friendly environment of their Bedford Village schoolhouse. Nearly 25 years later, they've managed to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of many Westchester families.

Larry and Ester's son, Chris Aguzzi, joined the team in 2013, deepening the sense of family at CKS. Although he wears many hats here, you'll most likely find him doing one of the most important jobs in the schoolhouse: preparing healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals for the children. Chris is known for his theatrical story-telling and his adventurous hayrides, which he leads from atop our vintage John Deere tractor. And the kids are crazy about his silly sense of humor!


Our Purpose

Country Kids Schoolhouse exists to establish and nurture the connection between children and nature through a thoughtful and creative approach to education that takes place both inside our classroom and outdoors. Our goal is to stimulate their interest and encourage their curiosity through direct interaction with the natural world around them. Country Kids Schoolhouse is a magical place where children can safely explore gardening, animal care, cooking, and the simplicity of nature-minded living.


Open year-round, the children at CKS learn by doing. Our days include plenty of time outside, rain, snow, or shine! Our ever-evolving outdoor space provides plenty of opportunities for children to connect with nature. Our five-acre campus offers the perfect setting to interact with our sheep and chickens, as well as to learn about planting and growing fruits and vegetables. Soon, we will be introducing three Nigerian baby goats to the mix!


In this digital age, children are easily absorbed by technology and other distractions, preventing them from developing an appreciation for the natural wonders of planet Earth. At CKS, our skilled educators are focused on enhancing the quality of life for our community's children by implementing fun, adventurous, and engaging lessons that they will remember for the rest of their lives. And they will form important friendships with their peers along the way!


Our Staff

The magic of learning happens when kids feel emotionally secure with the support of the adults in their lives. At CKS, we aim to facilitate the bond between our students and our teachers in the safest and healthiest way possible. Our loyal staff has been carefully vetted and hand-chosen for their compassionate personalities, as well as their ability to form trusting relationships with their students, their ambition, and their positive reputations. As a result, each of them has been a part of our family for many years.

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Why families love Country Kids Schoolhouse

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“I don't know how he could have learned any more over the past 18 months! He is reading, has learned great social skills and how to be a good friend, etc. Coming from NYC, we never thought we'd end up at a family owned daycare, but we could not be happier we found CKS.”

— Tina August —

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